I started working in radio while enrolled at Spring Arbor University. From the Fall of 2011 until graduation in Spring of 2013, I was employed at 106.9 I worked on-air 7-9  p.m. weekdays and 1-3 p.m. weekends.

Under the title of Administrative Artistic Assistant, I produced various audio projects for Spring Arbor University’s Communication Department including producing an audiobook for Clark Cothern’s, At the Heart of Every Great Father and Wally Metts’, The Santa Papers.

I also created Counterpoint, a student-led audio series that worked to inform local students with news, inspire with art, and challenge with different perspectives.


After I graduated I started to intern at WGTE, writing a small podcast series about the struggles of being a recent college grad. The thirteen-part series was initially scheduled to air but then was moved to an online platform after WGTE hired me as Morning Classics host.

I hosted NPR’s Morning Edition for a few months each summer while its regular host is traveling abroad.

Morning Edition:

I produced an arts and culture show for the same program. The series is called The Rough Draft Diaries and it airs every Wednesday morning at 7:45 am.

2 thoughts on “Radio

  1. I love listening to your Evening Classics show on my (long) drive home to Perrysburg.

    Should your shows or segments ever need a view on photography specifically, I’d be happy to lend a hand.

    Dan McInnis
    Associate Prof of Photography
    Wittenberg University

  2. After several months of hearing Haley’s voice first thing in the morning AND later in the evening, I determined to “look her up” when I arrived at the office today.

    WGTE is working this young woman shamelessly, but to great effect. And, as a hungry upstart getting a foothold in her chosen profession, she seems equal to the challenge.

    With that great silken voice and general on-air presence, it appears she has found a home for some time to come.

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